Tan Xiaotong (Elise) profile

Tan Xiaotong (Elise) information

  • Name Tan Xiaotong (Elise)
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Height 161
  • Birthday 1992-05-21
  • Measurements B85 W60 H86
  • Born China Hong Kong
  • Professional Actor, DJ, portrait photography, underwear model
  • Interest Movies, dating, fashion
  • Collections 8 collections
  • Views 91314

Tan Xiaoying Elise, a popular model in Hong Kong, China, is part of Hong Kong Xingxuan International Film & Entertainment Co., Ltd. Tan Xiaoying has a beautiful appearance and a hot body. She once won the first prize in the World Bikini Miss Asia Asian Qualifiers. She is now the spokesperson of the US professional DJ Headphone brand “Soul” in Hong Kong, “Miss HK A member of the ANGEL DJ GROUP, Hong Kong's top underwear brand "for the beauty" spokesperson, the official endorsement of the Hong Kong Animation Festival.