xGirls Good Morning Girl Group collections

Good Morning Girl Group (Japanese is "モーニング娘." Also often referred to as Morning Musume, M Niang, Mo Niang or MM.) is a Japanese women's pop song idol group, debut in 1997, after constant member changes, so far there have been 12 members.

Mano Erina

Singer, actor

Ai Takahashi

Singer, actor

Maria Makino

Idol singer

Kamei Eri

Singer, host

Risako Sugaya

Actor, singer, student

Chun Li

Singer, actor

Kudou Haruka

Student, singer

Fukumura Mizuki

Student, singer

Lin Qian

Singer, actor, host

Koharu Kusumi

Singer, model

Uemura akari

Idol singer, actor

Okai Chisato

Actor, singer, idol

Saki Shimizu

Actor, singer

Abe Natsumi

Singer, actor