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  • Name Cao Xueying (Snow Angel)
  • Zodiac Leo
  • Height 170
  • Birthday 1993-08-17
  • Measurements B83 W60 H87
  • Born Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
  • Professional Model, showgirl
  • Interest Calligraphy, piano
  • Collections 1 collections
  • Views 11488

Cao Xueying, alias SD Ying, mainland popular plane model, showgirl, graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy performance major, with a quarter of Russian descent, ChinaJoy 2016 Ali nine tour the main showgirl. Cao Xueying is versatile, with nine paragraphs of calligraphy and eight grades of piano. In 2010, she was known by netizens for her role as the heroine in the "Sharp Brothers" event. In 2011, as the promoter of the famous model writer, he advocated “writing public welfare activities” to let love pass and burst into the red network. In 2011, he won the best appearance award in Shanghai International Model Contest.

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