Masami Nagasawa (Masami Nagasawa) profile

Masami Nagasawa (Masami Nagasawa) information

  • Name Masami Nagasawa (Masami Nagasawa)
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Height 168
  • Birthday 1987-06-03
  • Measurements B88(F) W57 H86
  • Born Putian City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Professional Actor, dubbing
  • Interest Reading, appreciation
  • Collections 2 collections
  • Views 5059

Masami Nagasawa, Japanese actress. Born in 1987 in Putian City, Shizuoka Prefecture. An artist from Dongbao Yeneng, graduated from the Yueyue High School. In 2000, he participated in the fifth round of Dongbao Cinderella trials sponsored by Dongbao, which stood out from the 35,153 contestants and became the youngest top prize winner in history, taking this opportunity to enter the art world. The movie "Cross Fire", which was released in the same year, debuted and became the exclusive model of the youth magazine "pichilemon". In 2004, he won several Japanese film awards for his outstanding performance in Calling for Love in the World Center. Since then, "The Baseball Hero", "Tears of Tears", "Dragon Sakura", "Proposal for Marriage", "The Last Friend" and other film and television dramas have also become popular.