Wu Dan (Wudan) profile

Wu Dan (Wudan) information

  • Name Wu Dan (Wudan)
  • Zodiac Aries
  • Height 176
  • Birthday 1991-03-23
  • Measurements B86 W52 H91
  • Born Shanghai, China
  • Professional Model
  • Interest Watching movies, surfing the internet, swimming
  • Collections 3 collections
  • Views 8428

Wu Dan, a well-known model from the Mainland, studied at the Shanghai Jiaotong University Advanced Training Class, the 2009 Global Bikini Miss China Championship, the 61st Miss World Shanghai runner-up, the first international environmental image ambassador China champion! 2014 World Cup Tencent Dashen Football Baby Championship, Sina Football Baby Championship, the 7th China Auto Model Champion!