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  • Name Lu Jiayu (Lucia)
  • Zodiac Taurus
  • Height 163
  • Birthday 1992-05-15
  • Measurements B90 W63 H90
  • Born Putuo District, Shanghai, China
  • Professional Kindergarten, model, scouring girl
  • Interest Travel, pets, reflections, shopping, amusement parks
  • Collections 0 collections
  • Views 1768

Lucia, a nicknamed Jiayu, is a kindergarten model in China and is a kindergarten teacher. He graduated from East China Normal University. She often picks up some net-shooting jobs, so she gradually became a popular woman on the Internet. The beauty is not only the appearance of a model, but also the temperament of a young girl like her young girl. In 11 years, it officially appeared in the large-scale show. One of the beans in the ChinaJoy Giants booth has also served as a hostesse for the Shanghai International Auto Show. In addition, it also took over the endorsement work last year and appeared on the SG booth in ChinaJoy.

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