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  • Name Li Chun (Chun Li)
  • Zodiac Aquarius
  • Height 168
  • Birthday 1988-02-11
  • Measurements
  • Born Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China
  • Professional Singer, actor
  • Interest Singing, acting, piano, shopping, swimming
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  • Views 1735

Li Chun (ジュンジュン), a domestic singer and actor, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. She was once the eighth member of the popular Japanese girl group, Hello! Project, and the only two Chinese members in her portfolio. One. Li Chun participated in more than 300 concert performances during the Morning Musume Group and released 6 albums and 11 singles. On December 31, 2007, he boarded the stage of the 58th Red and White Song Festival in Japan, and announced his graduation at the graduation concert held in Yokohama Arena on December 15, 2010. Later, when he returned to China, he was praised by the netizens as “Oxygen Girl” because of his beautiful and pure image. In 2012, he began to appear frequently in various domestic variety shows, and also participated in filming domestic film and television dramas.

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