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Water clothing (Mai Demizu) information

  • Name Water clothing (Mai Demizu)
  • Zodiac Aquarius
  • Height 160
  • Birthday 1984-02-11
  • Measurements B84(C) W58 H85
  • Born Tokyo, Japan
  • Professional Model, TBS broadcaster
  • Interest Watch sports, food, travel, golf, massage, classical ballet, clarinet, dance
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  • Views 1082

Izumo Mai (でみずまい), Japanese model, broadcaster, and Tokyo are all born. Due to the father's relationship with the translator, he went to the United States in the summer of the fourth grade of elementary school, and lived in Georgia in the summer of the second year of high school. After returning to China, the International Christian University entered the university and then graduated from the Sophia University. During this period, he won the “ミスキャンパスナビ 2003 Examiner Special Award”. The university student reporter who started to work as a TBS "Suzuki タイムラー" is now a TBS popular host and broadcaster.

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